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We were founded on a long held belief.

It always surprised us that brands would

settle for dry and boring media. We knew

they could have better. We knew they

deserved little films. 

Today, we shoot even more still imagery than films. But our approach remains the same.

The stories are everywhere.

And you really do deserve more than predictable portraits and corporate video. Media for brands should be rich and interesting. After all, you have an important mission, a unique point of view that matters, and you deliver something that makes the day brighter or better, or that offers a solution.

And it's all there to be found. As your partner, we need to be curious. We need to seek out the soul. Or the souls. We need to find the stories, bring them forward, and truly pull people in. When we do, we'll win hearts and minds.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 10.49.24 AM.png

We get to do what we love.

And we know just how lucky that makes us.

It's been over two decades now, doing work that we truly enjoy, following a passion that brings us to interesting places where lovely humans let us into their orbit as part of their team. We're incredibly grateful for that.


Donna produces, art directs and is also an amazing shooter. She particularly loves small set and table top and never met a styling tool or shelf full of props that she didn't instantly fall in love with. Mostly though, she loves dogs.

Your trust is 
everything to us.

That's something we never take for granted.

We understand how much you have riding on this. Your choice of creative partners is not something you take lightly.  When you select us, it's more than an honor. It's also a tremendous responsibility. Because of this we aim to be every bit as conscientious as we are creative.

Brent shoots and directs, and he also edits our films. He loves to find beautiful frames and seek out the story. Even when we're only tasked to shoot for you he brings senior creative director experience along with him, and is also able to stay further into projects in that capacity, when needed. And he too loves dogs. 


And we're thankful.

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