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Hello, we're little films.

We believe that behind every idea or cause, every place
or product, every living and breathing, fascinating
soul...there is a story.


We shoot stills and
make films for brands.

With cameras in hand, we've always been storytellers.

Sometimes we're asked to develop and manage entire projects and campaigns, but most often we’re simply your partner behind the lens - often hired by a full service agency, or by a brand’s own internal marketing team, or by the small business owner who does it all on their own and needs a hand.

We're super comfortable working in the real world at your location, as well as in studio. Whether that's a tiny team working in a small footprint, or pulling together a larger crew for something higher profile, we love it all. 

" I've partnered with little films
and I can tell you from experience that
they are very talented storytellers."

Kindra Hall

Bestselling Author - "Stories That Stick"

We've worked very hard to stay this small.

We're tinkerers. Worker bees. We love the craft.

We never wanted to grow into a big agency. For us it was always about doing the work, and being in the thick of it.

And we still believe that good creative means taking the time and really investing in the work.

As our client or subject you become our hero. It's always about finding your essence or soul. It's about coming to understand why others believe in you, and capturing that for the world to see.

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